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There are several government loans for business in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. These loans help the entrepreneurs to establish their businesses and make their products available in the market at a cheaper rate. Gujarat government subsidy loan for small business has helped many businesses to attain huge leaps in their respective fields and become industry leaders at a short time. Treecap Advisors Pvt. Ltd. have been assisting many of the business firms to attain the loan subsidies they deserve. Over the years, we have proved our mettle as the best government subsidies loan consultant in Ahmedabad. We possess expert know-how of availing government subsidy loans from various government departments. We have worked with some of the leading SMEs in the state in their banking as well as financial needs. We possess an excellent track record as the NBFC loan consultant in Ahmedabad.

Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme is an initiative taken by Government of India in association with Ministry of Textile where in government has provided assistance in the form of capital and interest subsidy to Textile units who would like to upgrade and expand their production technology:-

Quantum of Subsidy

Interest Subsidy:- 5% Subsidy of the interest borne by the unit for upgradation and expansion of the unit or installation of new unit as approved by the financial institution

In case of Weaving 6%interest subsidy on brand new shuttleless looms

Capital Subsidy:- 15% Capital Subsidy on brand new shuttleless looms or 30% Margin Money Subsidy for Power Loom Sector

Our Professional can guide you and provide full consultation from application to disbursement of subsidy for your textile unit

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