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All the firms that are constituted under the MSMED Act 2006 as MSME and have Udhyog Adhaar number are eligible for SME IPO subsidy in Gujarat. All the conditions must be fulfilled to avail SME IPO subsidy in Ahmedabad along with application form AF–08. All the applicants must follow the checklist in the form of CL-08. Treecap Advisors Pvt. Ltd. is the ultimate solution to SME IPO Subsidy as we possess the perfect knowledge and expertise to aid all our clients. We can apply for your SME IPO subsidy in the prescribed format fulfilling all the requirements. We also excel as the best homeloan consultant in Ahmedabad.

Initial Public Offering is a process through which companies who are in requirement of funds but don’t want to avail debt from banks can liquidate their share holding to general public and raise funds from the stock market in a way that major shareholding is with the promoters and only a part of share holding is diluted to raise the funds required by the company. Initial Public Offering also increases the valuation of the company as by going to the public company can unlock its potential in the market and it also open various other ways of finance for the organization.

Earlier Inititial Public Offering was only confined to large corporations for raising huge funds from the market. The cost and compliance process of raising and initial public offering was very huge and so SME were not able to use this route of raising finance. However with an aim to provide opportunity to facilitate SME with this route of finance SEBI had since 18th May, 2010 allowed SME to raise IPO with very low cost and minimum compliance. Hence SME companies can now raise finance from the market through SME IPO and get their company Listed on a stock exchange their by raising finance and also unlocking the potential valuation of their organization. We at Treecap Advisors provide consultation and advise SME who would like to get their company listed with the process of getting their company listed on the SME Exchange

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