Capital Subsidy

Expert Assistance of Capital and Interest Subsidy Consultants in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Have you taken a loan from any of the banks or a financial institution? If so, you are eligible for subsidy under the capital subsidy scheme Gujarat. It is a scheme introduced by the government of Gujarat for the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. You must have registered your enterprise under the MSME Development Act, 2000 to avail capital subsidy scheme Ahmedabad. There are set criteria for the application of capital and interest subsidy. Most often MSMEs require the expert assistance of capital and interest subsidy consultants in Ahmedabad, Gujarat to successfully apply for it. We are an established service dedicated to helping manufacturing enterprises easily apply for capital and interest subsidy. We also offer a range of business services, including GST subsidy in Gujarat. We offer all our services in a transparent mode following all the legal and regulatory requirements set by the authorities.

Government of Gujarat to encourage MSME to start new industrial unit or expand existing manufacturing unit in Gujarat Provides Capital Subsidy to entrepreneur on the Loan amount raised by them from banks or financial institution for setup and installation of the project.

Quantum of Subsidy

10%/15% depending of the location of the unit inside municipal corporation / outside Municipal Corporation to maximum of ₹ 15/25 Lakhs.

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