GST Subsidy

We Empower All the Manufacturing Units with Expert Assistance for GST Subsidy in Gujarat

It is a tremendous advantage for industries as they can file for GST subsidy in Gujarat. The government of Gujarat has introduced adequate measures to help manufacturing units across the state to run profitably, and one such program is GST subsidy. In this juncture, Treecap Advisors Pvt. Ltd. provide dedicated and highly transparent assistance for GST subsidy in Ahmedabad. Our service marks a high sense of integrity, excellence and creative at every opportunity to assist manufacturing units in the state. We also provide expert assistance for SME IPO subsidy in Gujarat.

Gujarat Government in order to facilitate Manufacturing units having huge GST liability on the their products have provided an initiative to provide assistance in the form of SGST Subsidy to the tune of the total cost of a project implemented by the organization. Hence if a company starts a manufacturing unit in Gujarat they can claim SGST Subsidy i.e. SGST collected on sales on the SGST paid by them during the year for a tenure of 10 years as subsidy

Quantum of Subsidy

1/10th of the cost of project or Net SGST paid during the year whichever is lower for a period of 10 years

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